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Summer Electric Floating Swimming Pet Bathing Water Spray Dog Toy Pet Supplies

Summer Electric Floating Swimming Pet Bathing Water Spray Dog Toy Pet Supplies

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1.[ Multi-functional Toy] This is a multi-functional dog toy, which integrates many functions such as water spray function, water floating function, molar, and teeth cleaning function. This toy will bring happiness to dogs.
2.[ Smart Water Spray Toy] This product is a smart water spray toy. Put the product into water, then it will automatically spray water, and also stop spray automatically when it is taken out of the water by dogs, which will increase the dog's interest in playing.
3.[Water Float Toy]The toy can float on the water without sinking under pressure. It has built-in a waterproof sealing ring. The all-around waterproof design is not afraid of prolonged soaking.
4.[ Molar Teeth Cleaning] The surface of the toy has different sizes and strengths of molar bumps, horizontal and vertical staggered. Dogs can bite the molar bumps on the toy to rub teeth, so that remove teeth stones and other dog food residue, snack residue, protecting dog's oral health.
5.[ Easy To Use] When dogs go swimming or taking a bath, the toy can be directly thrown into the water for playing, which can bring more fun to dogs and increase the relationship between dog and the owner, creating a happier life for dogs.
6.This product is made of environmentally friendly and healthy imported food-grade ABS+TPR material, which is wear-resistant and durable. It can play with multiple dogs at the same time, and can effectively improve the dog's intelligence in the process of learning to use.
7.Fun toys can replace the owner's company and can make the dog exercise and keep its body healthy. Regularly playing with this toy can relieve anxiety, distract attention and improve intelligence.

Material: ABS + TPR
Color: Yellow / lake blue / Green / Pink
Product weight: net weight 196g gross weight 240g
Product size: 11.2*14*9cm/4.40*5.51*3.54"
Battery model: No.7 battery

Package Content:
1 x pet toy

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