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Pet Wireless Charging Beauty Hair Trimmer Set

Pet Wireless Charging Beauty Hair Trimmer Set

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1.Strong power, non-wool, High-speed Motor, strong Axis provides strong power point for the tip. 

2.Head washable, cutter head removable, directly placed under faucet cleaning prevent bacteria breeding clean sanitation. 

3.5 bits fine trimming: remove limit comb can be used 5 gear trim corners and thin hair reduce the appearance of holes so that pet styling better.

4.Quick use of the limit comb, configure 4 limit combs, even if no experience novice can quickly use, sleeve limit comb, shaving neat like a shape.

5.Low shock low noise prevent fright pet enjoy sleep quietly. 


Material: ABS.

Products category: other cleaning and beauty products

Specifications: angel powder, angel powder + spare small knife head, angel powder + spare 33 teeth knife head, angel powder + scissors 4 piece set

Gift or not: No

Product volume 21.5cm * 14.0cm * 6.4cm

Package Content: 

1* Pet wireless charging beauty hair trimmer set

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