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Small animal

Pet Beach Environmental Movement Toys

Pet Beach Environmental Movement Toys

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Polypropylene material, commonly known as PP plastic, is another newly developed resin variety with excellent overall performance. high quality! Low density, high strength, heat resistance!

The quality of the bowl, buy the rest assured to use peace of mind! Drop from midair! Personally verify the anti-fall performance!

In order to confirm its robustness, the result is still intact. A dog bowl like a plastic or porcelain must be damaged after such a fall. Even if the material of the steel is so broken, it will inevitably appear to be sag and paint. So good materials, good products are definitely able to withstand the unusual test!

This baby has a variety of colors to choose from, the candy color series looks really cute, good kawaii. Suitable for Teddy VIP, Pomeranian, Deer, and other small and medium dogs and cats

Specifications: 27cm


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