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Small animal

Passing animal nest semi-closed pet litter

Passing animal nest semi-closed pet litter

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1. Made of high-quality thick warm fabric to keep your puppy warm and comfortable.
2. Soft, warm, comfortable, detachable, washable and durable.
3. Oxford fabric backing with breathable, non-slip and moisture resistant.
4. Make your pet healthier in summer and winter with a removable and reversible internal cushion.
5. Create a comfortable bed for your pet's healthy sleep and rest.
6. It is super soft and warm, so the pet will feel happy when it is in it.
7. The best room or rest place for your dog or cat.
8. Once your pet has its own “land”, keeping the house clean and tidy is no longer a dream.
Your own method:
Machine wash
* Put the kennel roll into the net bag of the washing machine;
* Use ordinary detergent to clean at room temperature;
*It is naturally dry after washing. It can't be dried in cages and does not need to be ironed.
hand soap
* Flatten the kennel in the bathtub, use ordinary household detergent, soak for 20-30 minutes at room temperature;
*Tighten it gently or by hand;
* After cleaning, dry the water and let it dry naturally. Do not iron

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